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Kirk Shepherd is a nature and wildlife photographer in Wyoming who loves spending time outdoors in pursuit of capturing photographs with a unique touch.  Wyoming offers wide open spaces, unlimited beauty and an atmosphere of adventure.  Outdoor photography gives an artist the chance to capture and preserve these scenic places and animal encounters, sharing with others who may not have that opportunity.  Nature and wildlife photography is challenging yet brings satisfaction when you’re able to capture a special or “one of a kind” moment, it takes great light, patience, persistence and “sometimes” a little bit of luck.   Photography is a lifelong journey of learning and honing of one’s skill.

Kirk has been residing in and exploring the great Wyoming outdoors for more than 50 years. After a long career in the Energy Industry, he began his photography journey which revived a passion for the outdoors and the peacefulness that it brings.  Kirk is largely a self-taught photographer who has a desire to always improve on the quality of his work.  Focusing primarily on wildlife photography, he loves the challenge of capturing unique and emotion filled images. ​

Kirk has been published in the Wyoming Wildlife Photography Edition for the past 3 years, in 2023 earning a 2nd place in the Wildlife Division and is also published in the JH (Jackson Hole) Style Magazine.

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